CentOS is one of the preferred Operating Systems for web hosting servers. It is one of the numerous Linux releases out there, yet what distinguishes it from the others is the long-term support, which guarantees that you'll always have a dependable and protected OS. Every CentOS version that is released is supported for ten years, that's much longer than with another OS on the market. CentOS also has a much larger developer community than other distributions, so in the event you experience any kind of problem or have any questions, you are able to instantly discover the info which you need. CentOS is regarded as one of the best server Operating Systems, since it's very stable and secure, that makes it really reliable even if you host private information. Since it is open-source, you're able to modify each and every part of it and customize it according to your needs, not to mention that the total cost for a CentOS-based server will be lower, as you won't need to pay license fees of any sort.